«Young music ! 21»

Young music composed by the students of the Liège Conservatory !

As part of our residency at the Liège Conservatory, we are happy to work with the composition class of Michel Fourgon, Jean-Yves Colmant and Gilles Gobert and to serve young composers with whom we collaborate for a year.

Athina Coppée Salavation 

Simon de MarneffeVieilles branches 

Michel Fourgon Isidora et Raissa (extraits des Villes invisibles d’Italo Calvino)

François Couvreur “…Elle n’est qu’un paquet d’eau sonore”

Igor Stravinsky  – Tango (arrangement : François Deppe)


No program is currently planned. Come back soon to discover new dates!

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