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  • «La parole seule»

    A woman, alone, on the phone, facing the rupture and the silence of her loved one, such is the subject of La Voix humaine, a masterpiece by Francis Poulenc and Jean Cocteau premiered in 1959. A conversation, interrupted by moments of silence and suspension, evolving from tenderness to passion, from calm to despair. Over the words, the mask she made up is cracking, inevitably reflecting the decline of their story. Next to this text full of modernity, dealing with the inability of dialogue, François Emmanuel signs La Parole seule, a poignant text, this time revealing the words of a young woman to her late father. This monologue, set to music by Lukas Ligeti, provides an exploration of an unprecedented vocality, where the spoken voice and the sung one meet in words alone.

    Francis Poulenc – La Voix humaine (texte de Jean Cocteau)

    Lukas Ligeti – La parole seule (texte de François Emmanuel)


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