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    The Hopper Ensemble arose from the desire of young musicians of the Liège Conservatory to perform and circulate the music of their entourage.

    Hopper is a variable-geometry ensemble that occurs frequently in Belgium and abroad. It has fruitful collaborations with various institutions such as the Henri Pousseur Center, the Composers’ Forum, and with talented performers and composers. Such direct partnerships are as much the guarantee of a settling in the current musical life as of an authenticity of performance.

    Hopper is supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and is in residence at the Liège Conservatory since September 2016 and at the Composers’ Forum in 2019 and 2020. It is unanimously hailed for its cohesion, the closeness and the musical intelligence of its performances as well as for the happiness to play together that it communicates.

    photo de l'équipe Hopper