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    Albane Tamagna discovered music in Corsica, immersed in the heart of the polyphonic singing. At the age of seven, she chose the flute as a vehicle to live her passion.

    A curious and passionate teacher, she focused her dissertation on the notion of the performer’s commitment: Entre essence de soi et essence de l’œuvre – comment guider l’élève vers ce lien indissociable ? (Between the essence of the self and the essence of the work – how to guide the student towards this inseparable link?). In order to experiment with even more facets of her pedagogy, she created with Lucile Gasciarino, a professor of flute at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental of Carcassonne, the Stage Musical en Pays Audois which is held since 2016 in the South of France.

    Chamber music has a very important place in her musical development. She is a musician and founder of the Flautisti Trio, which allows her to further explore the repertoire of her instrument, and of the DuoSolima, which focuses on contemporary music.

    In 2018 she joined the Hopper Ensemble and also became first flute of the Tunisian Symphony Orchestra. 

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